Here’s how our pricing works…

We offer three packages to choose from. Each package price includes one guest. The second guest in the same suite is an additional $20 per day. Any additional guests in the same suite are $15 per day. All guests must belong to the same owner for these prices to apply. Check out time is 12pm. Later checkouts may be arranged for an additional $20 fee. All packages include potty breaks every 2 hours or more often if needed, any necessary medications given, a 5 o’clock “YAPPY Hour” treat and of course daily text updates, including pictures, with a report on how your babies are doing. (A real parent favorite!)


BASIC PACKAGE: $25 per day and includes an approximate 13 X 5 luxury suite with tile floors, lodge style decor, luxury bedding, 6 inch thick orthopedic mattress, flat screen TV showing DOG TV and/or dog relaxation music alternated throughout the day, glass doors and windows to view outside and of course climate controlled to a comfortable home temperature of 70 to 72 degrees. In addition, you may choose… (A) 30 minute 1 on 1 playtime or lounge time for our senior guests, or (B) 30 minute adventure walk on our secured 2.5 acres with trails, hills and trees. A fun time will be had for sure!!!!!

LUCKY DOG PACKAGE: $35 per day and includes everything listed in the Basic Package but instead you may choose from (A) 2 – 30 minute 1 on 1 playtimes or (B) 2 – 30 minute adventure walks. That’s twice the fun for only $10 more.

TOP DOG PACKAGE:$45 per day but this is a very large 10 by 13 room with lots of room to stretch. Includes everything listed in the above packages, just more room to do it in.